Julia Holter


Julia Holter is a singer/songwriter and composer who merges these specialties into striking idiosyncratic work. Often ethereal, often dramatic, and often free from traditional structures Holter's music is always a serene moment in an unexpected juncture. Julia's first full studio record, Tragedy (Leaving Records) and Ekstasis (RVNG) both received critical acclaim from avant and underground music publications worldwide.

After the release of Ekstasis, Chris Votek and Corey Fogel collaborated with Julia on creating of live arrangements of her songs for keyboard, cello, and drumset. Votek engineered recordings of two of these live arrangements for the 12" single Goddess Eyes, released 2012 on Domino Records. The live Julia Holter band, which has added Danny Myer on saxophone and Andrew Tholl on violin will be touring extensively to promote Julia's new record Loud City Song.






Tes Elations


Tes Elations was started in 2010 by vocalist Barrie Rose and cellist Isaac Takeuchi who agreed to start a band at a Silverlake hair salon. They started playing shows a few months after they started and eventually settled on a line up with Chris Votek providing a contrapuntal cello, guitarist Alex Noice and drummer Andrew Lessman. Their compositions have a foundation in classical composition yet sit equally between chamber sonics as much as experimental rock/punk.

The music and aesthetic of Tes Elations is focused on detail and precise execution. The coordination of each instrument is given particular consideration; the micro is just as important as the macro. Each song is arrived to by different paths as new and old ways of composition are constantly being explored. Tes Elations will be self releasing thier debut full length album in May of 2012.






Brad Dutz Quartet

The Brad Dutz Quartet blends 20th century acoustic classical chamber music with elements of improvisation and jazz. Comprised of Jim Sullivan on clarinet, bass clarinet and contra bass clarinet, Dr. Paul Sherman on oboe and Englishhom, cellist Chris Votek, and Brad on marimba, vibes and hand percussion. The combination of marimba and cello mixed with bass clarinet and oboe treat the listener to an unusual palate of instruments rarely heard in new music.





The Multi-Ethnic Star Orchestra, or MESTO, is a hybrid orchestra that primarily plays Arabic Classical music. The instrumentation of the orchestra combines the strings and wind sections of a symphony orchestra with traditional arabic instruments, notably the Oud, Quanun, Riqq, and Doumbek. MESTO has also ventured into Turkish, Greek, Sephardic, Romanian, Bulgarian, Armenian, and Ethiopian traditional music, aiming to bring cross-cultural understanding to music from many vantage points across the globe. Chris Votek has been a cellist and library editor with MESTO since 2008, and has performed concerts in Abu Dhabi, Denver, and Los Angeles with the orchestra during that time.