The Echo Manor is a small project studio with tremendous music production capabilities.


Aiming to provide an affordable hi-fi recording facility to the Los Angeles independent music community, the echo manor is for quality artists that want quality recordings. Located in the soundproofed West Wing of a 100 year old Craftsman Mansion, the echo manor is a comfortable environment to realize recording projects in all genres.


Services Offered

The Echo Manor operates both as a project studio for artists/bands and as a one man music production facility. Chris Votek is a composer, arranger, cellist, audio engineer, and multi-instrumentalist with years of experience combining these skills for professional productions. Whether you need a film score, a string arrangement for a pop tune, or anything in between you can save yourself the trouble of hiring 5 different people and simply have your audio taken care of at the echo manor. Prices are affordable and the standard of quality is  uncompromising.

Please email to inquire about rates, schedule sessions, or set up a free walk through of the studio.



Echo Manor is designed to provide all of the tools needed to record, edit, and mix a project. The Control Room is 16 feet deep, 13 feet wide and 8.5 feet in height. The Tracking Room is 9 feet deep, 13 feet wide, and 8.5 feet in height. There is also a walkway into the tracking room that can serve as an isolation chamber. Both rooms are treated with bass traps and acoustic panels to make them ideal recording and mixing environments.

Control Room Mixing Desk


The facility is ideal both for building productions track by track and recording an entire band playing together. We have a Hear Technologies 8 channel monitoring system that allows each player to create his own headphone mix, an essential factor in capturing the best ensemble performance. 






Outboard Gear


Apogee Symphony I/O

Milennia HV-3D (8) High Voltage Microphone Preamplifier

Art PRO VLA II Two Channel Catrol/Tube Leveling Amplifier

FMR Audio RNC1773 Compressor

Universal Audio LA-610 Tube Mic Preamp and Optical Compressor

Focusrite Saffire PRO 10 I/0 (8) Preamplifier

(3) DBX 1231 31-band Graphic Equalizer



 Microphone Collection

2 AKG 414 XL II

1 AKG D112

1 AKG CS100

2 Audix F10

1 Octava MK-319

2 Rode NT5 (Matched Pair)

1 Senheiser MD421

1 Studio Projects C1

2 Shure Beta57

1 Shure SM57

1 Shure Beta58






Mackie HRmk2 High Resolution Active Studio Reference Monitors

Hearback Technologies Hear Back Hub

(4) Hearback Personal Heaphone Mixer




iMac 27" 2.66 GHz 16 GB of Ram

Logic 9

ProTools 9

Ableton Live 8

Hundreds of Plug-ins

All Audio Cables are Mogami