Sounds from The Echo Manor
The Echo Manor is a full service project studio I run out of my home in Echo Park.

Julia Holter
Julia Holter, Corey Fogel, Chris Votek

Clinton Patterson Quintet
Trevor Anderies, Jon Armstrong, Ben Sheppard, and Rory Cowal

American Primitive
Paul Full, Sasha Birrittella, David Tranchina, Chris Stewart

Yvette Cornelia
Yvette Holzwarth, Andrew Lessman, Graham Chapman, Chris Votek, Rory Cowal

Chris Votek
film music for the movie LIFI by Jason Boesch and Preston Peterson

Sweet Nobody
S.A. Bach, Joy Deyo, Corrie Corell, Brian Dishon, and Ryan Campbell

Sato Trio
Alex Noice, Andrew Lessman, and Toshi Sato

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Photo Map of European Tours with Julia Holter

A large portion of last year was a whirlwind of perpetual travel with the Julia Holter band. We played over 80 shows through 4 continents, including Laneway Festival in Australia and Home Works forum on Cultural Practices in Beirut, Lebanon. But the heaviest concentration of activity took place in Europe, so I have created a map photodocumenting our travels there.  

click on it!

To be honest, before creating this map I had only an extremely vague idea of the geographic proximity of all of these cities that we performed in. The extent to which I applied myself to navigational tasks on the road was extremely limited, which is good, if important responsibilities in this department had fallen on my shoulders we would have certainly been doomed. Navigating through the city streets on morning jogs proved challenging enough at times, there were several instances when Danny (the saxophonist) and I accidently ran many more miles than we intended because our collective sense of direction was so poor and the terrain was so unfamiliar. Hell we got lost and locked out and confused between the van, the stage, and the green room more often than we would like to admit. Thankfully we had tour managers Martijn De Jong in the Summer and Annemie Knaepen in the Fall to safely guide us through the continent. 

Pinning these photographs on a map turned out to be a great geography lesson, as well a meditation in gratitude for having this wonderful opportunity to play shows in all these places. They had us play Julia's songs in so many crazy places! Inside of ancient ruins in Lyon and Cartegena, on a barge in the Rhine River in Basel, in the temporary tents of outdoor music festivals, in cathedrals and parks and of course in plenty of bars as well.

Thanks to everyone in our crew and everyone who came to these shows, looks like there is more coming up in 2014!