Sounds from The Echo Manor
The Echo Manor is a full service project studio I run out of my home in Echo Park.

Julia Holter
Julia Holter, Corey Fogel, Chris Votek

Clinton Patterson Quintet
Trevor Anderies, Jon Armstrong, Ben Sheppard, and Rory Cowal

American Primitive
Paul Full, Sasha Birrittella, David Tranchina, Chris Stewart

Yvette Cornelia
Yvette Holzwarth, Andrew Lessman, Graham Chapman, Chris Votek, Rory Cowal

Chris Votek
film music for the movie LIFI by Jason Boesch and Preston Peterson

Sweet Nobody
S.A. Bach, Joy Deyo, Corrie Corell, Brian Dishon, and Ryan Campbell

Sato Trio
Alex Noice, Andrew Lessman, and Toshi Sato

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Peripheral Hearing!

Very excited to announce the new Brad Dutz Quartet record Peripheral Hearing has been released on New Zealand Label Rattle!


I tracked the album live, which involved adventures in multi-tasking between sound engineering and laying down mutli-meter bass lines, as well as adventures in fitting the vibraphone through the doorway into my studio. Amazingly the marimba was quite easy to fit because it dissassembles!


 The disc is available for purchase here on the Rattle website, where you can listen to clips and also read the radically narrative descriptions of every track on the disc! Its a very cool label, I'm very glad that this album has us joining the Rattle family and their amazing roster of artists.

Brad Dutz, Paul Sherman, and Brian Walsh in one of the tracking sessions for Peripheral Hearing