Sounds from The Echo Manor
The Echo Manor is a full service project studio I run out of my home in Echo Park.

Julia Holter
Julia Holter, Corey Fogel, Chris Votek

Clinton Patterson Quintet
Trevor Anderies, Jon Armstrong, Ben Sheppard, and Rory Cowal

American Primitive
Paul Full, Sasha Birrittella, David Tranchina, Chris Stewart

Yvette Cornelia
Yvette Holzwarth, Andrew Lessman, Graham Chapman, Chris Votek, Rory Cowal

Chris Votek
film music for the movie LIFI by Jason Boesch and Preston Peterson

Sweet Nobody
S.A. Bach, Joy Deyo, Corrie Corell, Brian Dishon, and Ryan Campbell

Sato Trio
Alex Noice, Andrew Lessman, and Toshi Sato

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A Fuller Life: The Sam Fuller Documentary - Trailer from Samantha Fuller on Vimeo.

Upcoming documentary about the life of iconoclastic director Sam Fuller (The Big Red One, Shock Corridor, The Naked Kiss, White Dog). Directed by his daughter, Samantha Fuller. Featuring James Franco, Wim Wenders, Mark Hamill, Jessica Beals, Monte Hellman, Tim Roth, Joe Dante, Bill Duke, James Toback, Constance Towers, Buck Henry, and more.

See more at the official website: